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ICPA Conference 2017:
“Caring for our communities”

Message from the CEO

The Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA) is proud to announce its theme for the ICPA Conference 2017, “Caring for Our Communities”.

Professor Chaar, senior lecturer in professionalism in pharmacy at the University of Sydney, Australia says, “The soul is in danger of deterioration at the hands of those who wish to render the profession an entrepreneurial business; commercialising our services and patient relationships to a point of no return. We do need to remind ourselves of our professionalism and our duty of care towards our patients”

Independent Community Pharmacy (ICP), together with their 2500 pharmacists and 20 000 qualified staff interact with millions of patients yearly to provide this professional service with passion, dedication, and a history of community understanding allowing us to provide relevant healthcare and promote well-being.

A pharmacist and their staff know exactly what it means to be “Caring for our community”.
While medicines may be the ‘heart of the pharmacy profession’, Independent Pharmacy today go way beyond this simple statement. We have become the most accessible and available healthcare professionals in most healthcare systems in the world. No need for an appointment to access a service or money in your pocket to elicit advice, you are sure to find us in the community from early morning to possibly the last service at night including weekends and public holidays, we create local jobs and support thousand of families within the community, we provide access to education and skills, and most importantly Independent Pharmacy provide a cost effect solution for some 30 minor ailments and prescription medicines.

We are committed to service excellence, and this we guarantee through our compulsory inspection at least every three years or less, by our regulatory authority, the South African Pharmacy Council. No other healthcare professional subjects himself or herself to this rigor to maintain the promised standards of care to our communities. In this way we commit to afford the patient, the professional attention they require in identifying their individual needs.

When you meet people, you often remember how they made you feel more than what they said. So too for consumers in general. Consumers are interested in the whole experience being positive. From the time they walk into the community pharmacy, they are welcomed, and even greeted by name. They feel a sense of belonging, and sometimes even familiarity where their family members might even be known to the pharmacist. It’s the intimate moments, of discussing your health issues, within a safe space, which makes customers choose their Pharmacy.

It is well known that State Health Care facilities are stretched and ICP continue to assist with the challenges faced by the state pharmaceutical service supply chain.

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